Drug Rehab for Young Men in Arizona

All-Male, Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Prescott, AZ

At Blueprints for Recovery in Arizona, we provide holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment for young men, ages 18 – 30. We understand the unique challenges young men face when seeking to overcome substance use problems, and our specialized approach has helped many of our participants achieve long-term sobriety and healing.

We find that an all-male environment fosters a sense of camaraderie among participants, which makes the recovery process much easier and much more fulfilling. It also makes participants feel more comfortable during certain aspects of our program, such as group therapy, outdoor therapy, and more. Like it or not, most men generally connect better with other men, which can make honesty, vulnerability, and openness (which are essential to the recovery process) much more feasible.

Men and women also tend to have different experiences when detoxing from drugs and alcohol. At Blueprints for Recovery, we understand the biological, chemical, and mental process that young men endure during withdrawal, which allows us to offer the tailored support our participants need to start fresh and recover successfully.

See the benefits of an all-male rehab or call (888) 744-9969 to speak to a member of the team.

Our 3-Phase Residential Program

We take a unique, 3-part approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment:

  1. Residential: Participants live in our residential facility in Arizona full-time. During this phase, we offer a series of therapies and positive reinforcement, and participants are given opportunities to assess their temptations, habits, and any factors that contribute to substance use.
  2. Transitional: Participants have the chance to enroll in school part-time or work several hours a week. Programs during this phase are centered on teaching skills to help young men maintain sobriety after the program ends.
  3. Independent: This phase is all about teaching young men to develop a personal support network outside the program.

ALL-MALE Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation in Arizona

At Blueprints for Recovery, we specialize in all-male rehab for young men. Our Arizona drug rehab center is a distraction-free haven for young men seeking to overcome difficulties with drug and alcohol and develop lasting, meaningful connections and accountability with other men. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use, we may be able to help. Take a few moments to learn more about our programs and browse through a few testimonials from previous participants.

Call (888) 744-9969 to speak to a team member at our all-male drug rehab center in Arizona.

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