Joseph Kiel

Continuum care coordinator

I grew up in the suburb of New Berlin, Wisconsin. Moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in my early 20s. Graduation from Nathan Hale high school in 2006.

I enjoy adventuring out to local trails and hiking destinations. Treating my body right has become a huge part of my recovery so exploring nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and physical fitness are daily practices.

I value Family and friendships. it’s one of the most important things in the world, time spent with them is worth every second. Life is a blessing and I am grateful for the time I get to spend with the people I love. Life is better spent surrounded by happiness.

Smile, laugh, learn from everyone, love the ones closest to you, live a little, get uncomfortable every day and do something new, change is good for the soul.... so embrace it and see the good in every moment. Be of service to your fellow people, make someone's day bigger and brighter, it's the only way to live. Remember that we are not promised tomorrow.... So let's live today with purpose and if we are granted tomorrow, lets hit repeat.

I am a recovering addict and alcoholic myself in long term recovery since 2015, after 10 plus years of living in active addiction. I have worked in the field since 2015 with the opportunity to work in various different positions. I chose this career path to help those who suffer from addiction and alcoholism, I find passion and purpose by Giving them the chance to succeed in life.

I bring a large-scale of knowledge and experience in the area of substance abuse, accompanied by various methods used for lasting recovery. I am well versed in 12 step based approaches and work well with those seeking a spiritual solution. I also believe in the effectiveness of changing old patterns of how addicts and alcoholics live and cope with life, into new life skills which create for a more meaningful and purposeful one. I incorporate a style that uses a strength-based approach to combat low self-esteem and to help clients rebuild themselves from the ground up.

Recovery is about helping others out so Getting to spend quality time and attention with the clients and Seeing them at day 1, even a month in, to the time they complete our program is just an awesome experience watching them transform. I feel at home when I‘m helping others get enjoyment out of life, I see them feel good, and it makes me feel even better.

I have an intuitive sense about me, compassion for others, build connections on an emotional level, strive to seek deeper meanings behind problems, I have the ability to be passionate in a work setting operating with high energy and positivity. When working with others I connect personally to give insight on what motivates them. My empathy and sociability make conversation topics seem natural. Energetic, enthusiastic, excellent communicator, altruistic spirit, friendly, empathetic disposition.

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