Rodney Zimmers

CEO & Founder

For many years, Rodney Zimmers struggled with addiction before finding a treatment program that helped him achieve recovery and sobriety. The staff at this treatment center provided Rodney with something he never felt he had before: a genuine, supportive, and encouraging relationship that lifted him from hopeless and despair. This had such a profound impact on him that he was finally able to achieve sobriety in 2006, and has worked hard to provide others with the support and positivity that changed his life.

After his treatment, Rodney returned to college and obtained a degree in health care management, a door that had been closed off for many years because of his addiction. Now he has a loving family, a new purpose in life, and the opportunity to help others who are dealing with their own addictions.

Recovery Built on the Foundation of Support & Encouragement

No two people have the same experience when recovering from addiction. Everyones treatment requires a personal touch that makes the program speak to them and encourage sobriety. While every program is unique, Rodney believes that the fundamentals of recovery apply to everyone and providing others with a support system like he had during his own treatment is vital to making the next big steps.

Rodney approaches guests from a place of service, understanding, and compassion. He has lived the difficulties of addiction firsthand and knows that often what people are looking for is a sense of hope and the feeling that someone is on their team and believes in them. The most rewarding aspect of his job is hearing back from alumni and their families years later about all the ways life has changed thanks to their treatment.

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