Get Your Life Back On Track at Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Get Your Life Back On Track at Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Each and every day, we help people to embrace their stories, take personal responsibility, and then grow in strength to write new stories for themselves. Here at Blueprints for Recovery, we understand that this is the best approach to full recovery and a fulfilling personal journey going forward.

Many drug addiction treatment centers simply focus on a few methods of rehabilitation without tailoring their approach to each client. We understand that everyone is different and comes to our rehabilitation center with a different background and a different story. This colors each experience uniquely, and also alters the way that drug dependence affects each person. Not only does this make recovery very complex, it also means that many other approaches to rehabilitation in drug addiction treatment centers simply fall short of the intended goals. This is where we are different.

Getting the Right Help

Getting your life back on track is about more than simply admitting you have a problem. By embracing not only the problem, but understanding your own story and where you have come from, you can take control of your drug problem and then take serious steps to addressing it. Blueprints for Recovery is our long-term drug treatment facility, and we offer the following types of programs and experiences to help our residents in their recovery:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT): This is a tried and true method that is also used to treat mental health problems successfully. By talking openly about thoughts and feelings, residents undergoing CBT begin to understand how their behaviors affect both themselves and other people. This process of personal awakening is one step in full recovery.
  • Meditation and Spiritual Awakening: We believe strongly in the power of meditation to awaken a personal spiritual understanding and to expand consciousness to include others in our lives.
  • Adventure: Depending on drugs is akin to taking your life into your own hands, and risking everything. At Blueprints for Recovery, we understand that replacing this type of risk-taking with a love of adventure in the world outside one’s head leads to an enjoyment of life and a safer adrenaline rush that leads to strong results in rehab and recovery.
  • Dealing with trauma: We also understand that some of the personal stories of our residents include abuse and trauma. This represents a major roadblock to full recovery from drug dependence, which is why we offer experienced trauma counselors to assist in the process of accepting and moving on from trauma effectively.

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Full Recovery from Drug Use and Abuse Is Possible with Our Help

By taking control of your life and understanding your own story, you take power away from the drug. Blueprints for Recovery is set up to achieve the goal of full personal recovery in a small community setting that is inclusive and welcoming. Here, we accept every story that comes to us, and we tailor a program that works for you.


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