How To Find a Sponsor

How To Find a Sponsor

When we encounter a force as mighty as addiction, we need outside help – not just while in treatment, but forever afterward. In AA, addicts are often paired with one another as partners in accountability. Sponsors aren’t licensed professionals. They’re simply there to offer guidance and support, whenever it’s needed. A sponsor is a sympathetic ear that might just save you from relapse someday.

Go To A.A. Meetings

This may seem like a no-brainer, which it is…at first. Once recovering addicts start feeling confident in their sobriety, they tend to lose steam. Remember: AA is a form of relapse-prevention – not a treatment for active addiction. Whether or not you still feel like an addict is irrelevant. Even the most experienced trapeze artists use safety nets, just in case.

Lots of Them…

It’s at these meetings that you’ll show potential sponsors how serious you are about recovery. The most important factor is attendance. Even if you’re not talking, at least you’re there, interested, and listening. Sponsors notice that.

Raise Your Hand

You can’t be shy about your need for a sobriety sponsor. It may be difficult to raise your hand and share something about yourself at these meetings, but it’s crucial that you do so – not just for yourself, but for everyone else at the meeting. AA thrives of the collective knowledge its members provide. If you can’t think of any feelings to share, simply state that you’re an alcoholic looking for a sponsor.

Practice The Golden Rule

Sponsors are drawn to addicts who could, theoretically, make good sponsors themselves. After all, each sponsor started off as a recovering addict. Volunteer. Arrive early, help set up shop, clean, etc. Follow the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do Market Research

Pick out 2-3 people who stand out to you as positive influences, and keep them in the back of your mind. If they’re really hitting home and making you feel moved, go out on a limb and ask: Will they sponsor you? Even if they’re not available, they undoubtedly know someone who is.

Be Patient

Nobody in AA owes you anything. (Nor does anyone else, anywhere, really). No matter how eager you may be, things don’t move right away. You will find a sponsor, so long as you continue looking.

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