The Dangers of Drunk Driving

The Dangers of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a serious and worsening issue nationwide. It risks the lives of everyone on the road. On the surface, it’s a selfish, malicious act, but in reality, it’s a testament to the power of addiction and impulsivity. Drunk driving is never a good choice.

Every 2 minutes

Every two minutes, someone is the US is injured in an alcohol-related automobile accident. One of three people will be involved in one of these accidents in some way, whether they are injured or not. When it comes to multiple-vehicle accidents involving both an impaired and non-impaired party, the latter is more likely to die from their injuries.

The High Cost of Drunk Driving

Survivors of drunk driving accidents may be mentally or permanently disabled as a result. It’s one of the most common causes of paralysis, in fact. Survivors may need intensive physical therapy or medical aid to recover. The health consequences of drunk driving affect the entire country equally: hundreds of thousands of healthcare dollars, all for something preventable.

Morbidity and consequences of drunk driving

Every half hour, someone is killed by a drunk driver

Car used in the crime can be impounded (fees apply)

Community service

Hefty lawyer’s fees

Increase in auto insurance rates

Killing an innocent friend, family member, another human being, or onself

Maiming or killing others or oneself

Mandatory jail time, can be lengthy with mitigating circumstances

May not be able to rent a car when needed

Possible job loss and trouble getting a new job

Suspended driver’s license

Treatment Instead of Jail Time?

Some judges in the U.S. grant offenders alcohol treatment instead of jail-time, which isn’t necessarily leniency, but a logical move. Alcohol abuse is a root problem for many sufferers of mental illness. Jail may seem like a perfectly fine way to detox, but detox isn’t all that goes into treatment; it’s just the first step. Rehab offers the tools needed to conquer the addiction mentality that causes people to relapse weeks, months, or years after going clean.

Ideally, all people struggling with addiction would enter treatment before running into trouble with the law. Alcohol abuse toys with our rational thought, though. If you’re struggling with alcoholism, call Blueprints for help today: (888) 744-9969


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