Recovery Requires Humility to Work

Recovery Requires Humility to Work

Your first full 24 hours sober may be hazy, uncomfortable, or even painful, but you will likely feel a great sense of wonder, too: real accomplishment–the kind you may not have felt in a long, long time. As the days add up–first to 30, then 60, and then 90–that sense of accomplishment grows exponentially. By the time your treatment program ends, you might feel like you’ve conquered the world. And that’s when your biggest, most unexpected problem might show up: overconfidence, the kind that sends people right back into relapse.

If you’ve just completed rehab, great. Using the tools and knowledge you’ve been given, you’ve succeeded in better yourself, and now that you’re moving on…you can keep on using them.

Remember, you’re not “cured” once your rehab ends; you’ve only graduated to the real world, where it’s up to you–and any supportive loved ones–to make sure your treatment continues.

Too often, recovering addicts reward themselves with unnecessary risk: Just one beer. Just a couple puffs. And only because it’s your birthday, or your college graduation, and only because you’ve been doing so well.

When those temptations, those rationalizations, start to flare up, remind yourself why you’ve gone sober in the first place: life is better this way. For you, as an addict, it’s either one way or the other.

You can’t simply go back to “normal” after completing treatment; you must include sober-minded activities or relationships in your daily life, whether through group meetings, community involvement, therapy sessions, sponsorships–some form of aftercare. You must do this for months at least–even if you don’t feel like it’s necessary, and even if it gets in the way of other things.

Addiction lies within; sobriety is a skill, and if you don’t practice a skill, you will either lose that skill or, eventually, become just vulnerable enough to slip, fall, and suffer a major setback.

Recovery an elongated process. The moment you admit you’re powerless over your substance abuse habits and that you need to quit, the clock starts ticking, and that breakthrough moment–when you finally realize, “Hey, I’m happier this way”–comes nearer and nearer. When you enter treatment, you’re laying a whole new framework for your life.

Sobriety has a dramatic ripple effect on spirit and morale, in every facet of existence. To get started, call Blueprints at (888) 744-9969


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