There are Different Types of Sexual Addiction

There are Different Types of Sexual Addiction

How can sexual addiction be defined? Sexual addiction can be best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. The field of sex addiction is a developing therapeutic field which treats a specific range of sexual issues.

The Concept of Sex Addiction

The history behind the concept of sex addiction is an interesting one. It emerged in the mid 1970s through Alcoholics Anonymous, when the group’s members started applying the 12 Steps towards their own self defined sexual recovery. From this new support groups were created like Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous, all of which focus on sexual recovery.

The Levels of Sex Addiction

There are three levels of sex addiction corresponding to varying degrees of consent.

Level One – includes behaviors like compulsive masturbation, pornography and consensual sexual liaisons.

Level Two – includes behaviors which are illegal activities and non consensual, such as voyeurism, flashing and indecent phone calls.

Level Three – includes serious criminal behaviors such as sexual abuse, rape, child molestation. These are behaviors which are dangerous and abusive and result in serious consequences for the victim.

Different Types of Sex Addiction

There are ten different types of sex addiction:

  • Fantasy Sex – individuals have sexually charged fantasies and relationships. They are aroused depending on the possibility of sex.
  • Role Play – the individual’s arousal is based on the conquest of the other person and quickly diminishes after initial contact.
  • Voyeuristic Sex – this involves the use of visual stimulation to get aroused for sex.
  • Exhibitionist Sex – this is when the individual wants to attract attention to themselves and are aroused due to the reactions of the viewer.
  • Paying for Sex – individuals are aroused when they purchase sexual services and over time the arousal becomes connected to the payment of money itself.
  • Trading Sex – this is where the individual sells or barters sex for power and gets aroused by gaining control over others and using sex as leverage.
  • Intrusive Sex – this is when the individual violates the other person’s boundaries and this is what arouses them sexually.
  • Anonymous Sex – having sex with consenting adults who are unknown to the individual. There is no cost involved and the act happens immediately with no seduction.
  • Pain Exchange Sex – hurting or degrading the other person sexually, or being humiliated or hurt as part of being sexually aroused.
  • Exploitative Sex – this is when the individual exploits vulnerable people for their own sexual gratification.

Sexual addiction can affect anyone. People from all cultural and economic backgrounds can be vulnerable to it, because it is ultimately a coping mechanism in response to trauma or extreme stress, and that is common to all classes and backgrounds.

Sexual addiction can be a something a lot of young adults struggle with. At Blueprints we provide personalized programs to help resolve addictive behaviors. Call us to find out how we can support your recovery.


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