What is a Spiritual Recovery?

What is a Spiritual Recovery?

Spiritual recovery can be very important to a person’s long term journey. Developing the strength now to get through all life can throw at a person comes from within, a deeper place people may refer to as spirit. Learn more about spiritual recovery and how to know if the path ahead is right.

The Right Path

A 12 step program can teach a person that spiritual awakening can, and must, happen to stay clean and sober. To know if the path ahead is right, there are some spiritual barometers to measure success.

Shifting Consciousness

The model for addiction recovery that follows 12 steps is based on overcoming addiction through becoming a new person. This happens when a spiritual experience occurs in a person’s life to bring personal transformation. A shift in consciousness can change a person’s life simply by having a new mindset to see with new, fresh eyes.

From God to Self

On one extreme of a person’s self spectrum of consciousness is self-centeredness. On the other lies something considered complete God-centeredness. The extent to which a person is focused on the self is proportional to how much he or she is focused on the self and vice versa. The less focus is placed on the self, the more focus is shifted towards God as awareness builds. The purpose of the Steps is to provide a pathway up to rise above the ego and focus inwardly, on a place that drives positive motivation and better intentions. The less focused on self, the more God becomes presence, in whatever form that takes.

Knowing It Is Right

How a person deciphers and knows this is right is the way a person moves closer to God. Moving away from selfishness and pride towards a better sense of the individual self means letting of negative emotions such as low self-esteem or self-hatred. It is a chance to become free of personal biases and to make a drive out of a situation and become more concerned with how to add to the situation at large. It may mean becoming less of a taker and more of a giver. Active addiction drives a person towards self-centeredness. Sobriety helps a person open their eyes to see how to stop using people (including oneself) and focus inwardly to begin serving outwardly, for the good of self and others.

Blueprints supports young people in finding a space they can recover in safe community. Call us if you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and needs a place to go that’s positive and supporting of individuals in need.


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