How to Admit a Gambling Problem Exists

How to Admit a Gambling Problem Exists

Gambling is an addiction which is talked about less than other issues but is similarly dangerous and damaging to the individual or others in the immediate family and circle of friends. Financially, personally and on many other levels it can be a devastating problem to face. The reality of what happens can only be faced when the problem is admitted and the road to recovery may begin.


Some key signs to look for include finding out if an individual is gambling or not. Some of the following may have been going on for awhile but are telltale signs of a need for help:

Denial: when an individual denies a problem exists in spite of evidence. A person may be deep into addiction and patterns of behavior become consistent and predictable. Gambling becomes the primary goal with all else being secondary. Denial is a way of coping by not having to face consequences of actions taken.

Not stopping: a person with addiction cannot admit there is a problem, lies pile up and it is harder than ever to stop the rolling ball. A short respite may occur but it will resume once addiction becomes overwhelming.

Destructive nature: Most people with addiction believe addiction is not hurting anyone including the person themselves. Compulsive gambling is no different in that it affects individuals, family, work and others. The ramifications are caused by addiction which include bankruptcy, criminal charges, loss of income, etc.

Power of Addiction

The power of addiction is based on lies told to others about what is happening. A person who experiences compulsive gambling will tell others what they want to hear, lie about little things and make promises but cannot keep those promises. It requires insight to recognize gambling is not an issue that will go away on its own. Help is needed to conquer the addiction which has taken hold of the mind and body. It is a holistic issue in that a person needs to combat it from many angles. The losses are greater when they go unnoticed and untreated. Admitting a problem exists is the first step of many on the pathway to recovery.

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