Are There Harmful Side Effects to Casual Drinking?

Are There Harmful Side Effects to Casual Drinking?

Excessive drinking and alcoholism can cause harmful effects to a person’s body including liver failure and death. Alcohol has to be processed a little bit at a time and overdoing it puts strain on the body. The body will shut down if too much alcohol is taken. Casual or social drinking is thought to be safer but there may also be harmful side effects to this as well.


Dehydration is often the most immediate side effect of drinking and casual drinkers are at risk of dehydration after one night of drinking. Dehydration affects the abilities of the body and brain to function properly. Hangovers occur when an individual has too much to drink and affects the brain and body.

Heart Disease

Casual drinking can lead to many forms of heart disease. Any conditions negatively affecting heart function and blood vessels can lead to a heart attack. If a person has diabetes, it is more likely the person will develop liver disease and casual drinkers are also at more risk of diabetes.


Alcohol consumption and diabetes are related in several ways which makes it difficult for people to control insulin levels. Drinking can lead to low blood sugar levels which may be dangerous. If a person drinks casually, there can be difficulty maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar. Kidney damage and heart disease may result. If a person does not have diabetes, casual drinking may lead to fatty liver disease which increases the risk of getting type-2 diabetes.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Alcohol reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, especially vitamin A, B-complex vitamins, vitamin D and folate. Even casual drinkers can have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Often casual drinkers eat less and take in more carbs, both of which can contribute to nutritional deficiencies. This makes it difficult to manage weight gain or loss. Even drinking one or two drinks per day several days a week can cause myriad health side effects. Not to mention the other ways casual drinking puts one’s health and life in danger, including negative interactions with medication and increased risk of car accidents. Depending how much and often a person drinks it can be detrimental to health, finances and personal relationships if it spirals out of control.

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