The Dangers of Mixing Cocaine with Alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Cocaine with Alcohol

Cocaine is highly addictive, especially when mixed with alcohol. Alcohol is a sedative and mixing the two together is extremely dangerous. Learn more about the risks and dangers associated with mixing cocaine and alcohol.

Effects of Cocaine and Alcohol

Cocaine releases a high amount of dopamine which is part of the brain’s reward circuit associated with pleasure. Cocaine creates a feeling of euphoria and mixing alcohol with cocaine can lengthen and intensify feelings of euphoria. Some people report alcohol can help with negative side effects when the high from cocaine wears off. Many negative side effects occur when using both alcohol and cocaine including violent thoughts and behavior.


When cocaine and alcohol mix, a drug interaction is produced in the body which creates a new substance called ‘cocaethylene.’ Cocaethylene has a longer half-life than cocaine alone and can stay in the body up to five times longer. Liver damage may result along with seizures and risk of death when used concurrently. Masked intoxication is also possible with decreased feelings of drunkenness which may mask signs of intoxication. Alcohol is a sedative and cocaine can increase a person’s heart rate, making it a deadly cocktail.

Risk of Overdose

Cocaine lessens some of the feelings of inebriation alcohol creates on its own. Using the two drugs together can increase the potential for alcohol poisoning. Cocaine can negatively affect the cardiovascular system where many cocaine deaths come from cardiac arrest. When cocaine and alcohol are mixed, there is an added risk of death.


Drinking alcohol while using cocaine is not as safe as some people may think. The increased risk of immediate death goes up to twenty-five times that of just using cocaine alone due to the presence of Cocaethylene in the liver. It is definitely not safe to use cocaine and alcohol together. The increased risk of adverse side effects make the possibility of immediate death highly likely. Liver damage, toxicity and overdose are just some of the other less severe side effects. The combination is simply too risky to ignore.

Before a person considers using cocaine and alcohol, it is worth knowing all the risks and dangers. Although it may seem there is some short term benefit to experience increased feelings of euphoria, the long term risks are simply too high to ignore. When choosing to use drugs a person is already putting himself or herself at great risk but the higher risks are associated with combining two lethal drugs together, cocaine and alcohol. The body is not able to handle the two drugs in combination and can lead to a lethal cocktail with deadly consequences.

If your loved one is struggling with addiction to cocaine or alcohol and may be putting their life at risk by using both drugs together, call Blueprints. Let us help guide you to making some decisions about how to help your loved one quit drugs or alcohol and seek recovery.


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