What are the Treatment Options for Crystal Meth Addiction?

What are the Treatment Options for Crystal Meth Addiction?

Nearly 1.2 million Americans over the age of 12 abused meth in 2009. Meth works by stimulating the central nervous system and can be habit-forming in some people. Met rehab centers have specially designed programs to help dependent individuals recover from addiction. Meth rehab centers treat causes, symptoms and behaviors associated with addiction. Learning to cope with stress and sober living is an important part of treatment options for crystal meth addiction.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

If an individual has a serious, long-term addiction, inpatient treatment is recommended. Inpatient treatment requires helping a person in recovery live at meth treatment centers for a period of time and receive the necessary therapeutic support including group and individual counseling to support recovery. An outpatient program is recommended for less serious dependency issues. The person is then able to undergo treatment during the day and return home after the day finishes.

Residential Rehab

The benefits of residential rehab for meth addiction can be helpful if any of the following symptoms are present:

Inability to function without the drug

Hoarding medication or keeping a supply on hand

Feeling physically ill without meth

Rotting teeth


Rapid heart beat



Meth rehabs are protected for an individual’s privacy under federal law. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, patient consent is required for disclosure of records. While each meth rehab center differs, each values privacy for individuals seeking treatment. Some private rooms are even available with flexible options depending on unique needs of the individual patient.

How it Works

Treatment for meth takes places in a supportive environment. Routine medical testing is started and forms completed. Medical tests are run to ensure safety of the individual and provide the best treatment prior to detox. When the drug is weaned from an individual’s body, the person learns the causes of addiction through therapeutic sessions. Some new behaviors will be learned to replace addictive behaviors and some will learn new coping skills for relaxation. Once completed, most facilities offer aftercare programs to help the individual patient continue on the outside.

Blueprints helps young adults in recovery from addiction in a setting that has a low client to staff ratio. Each program is tailored to the individual’s unique needs. Call us if you are looking for addiction recovery options to find out how we can best serve your needs.


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