How Developing a Tolerance to Cocaine Leads to Active Addiction

How Developing a Tolerance to Cocaine Leads to Active Addiction

Cocaine is so addictive that even after a single use the individual might develop an initial tolerance to it. As a matter of fact, many individuals who use Cocaine report that they have never again been able to achieve the same level of euphoria as they did during their first use of the drug.

Cocaine is psychologically habit-forming and can be addictive from the first time an individual uses it. This means that individuals who use the drug regularly have to take larger amounts of it to achieve the same effect.

Developing Cocaine Tolerance

Tolerance is when the individual requires higher doses to feel the drug’s effects. While initial tolerance to Heroin develops very quickly with continual heavy use, individuals don’t seem to develop tolerance for increasing amounts. In fact, regular users of Cocaine could develop what is known as ‘reverse tolerance’, where they experience the effects of the drug more intensely. This is also referred to as Cocaine sensitization and can lead to cardiac arrest, cocaine overdose at low doses as well as respiratory failure.

Symptoms of Cocaine Tolerance

Cocaine is a very compulsive drug, and intense cravings from cocaine can indicate problems. Using Cocaine releases dopamine. In a Cocaine binge, the individual needs more and more Cocaine to release lessening amounts of dopamine, until there is no dopamine left. Then the individual has to wait several days before there is enough produced for them to get high again.

High Tolerance To Cocaine

Often, individuals increase the frequency and amount of Cocaine consumption due to a quickly developed tolerance to the drug’s effects. With extensive use of Cocaine, the brain adapts, becoming less sensitive to the drug and natural dopamine production. Many individuals who use Cocaine report constantly seeking but failing to achieve as much pleasure as they did from their initial experience on the drug. Over time, an individual can build up a high tolerance to cocaine and require a larger dosage of the substance to experience the same initial high. Individuals affected by a build-up of Cocaine tolerance may seek to increase their dosage, as well as the frequency of use, in an effort to attain the perceived desired effect. This desire leads to the use of extremely high dosages of cocaine, significantly increase one’s risk of serious health consequences, and/or sudden death.

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