Peer Pressure Is Real For Adults Too

Peer Pressure Is Real For Adults Too

Peer pressure is one of those things that adults think they have left behind. But that is not true. The fact is that adults have to face peer pressure too, be it at work or socially. All of us, even adults, want to be accepted, and that makes individuals do things to try to fit in.

Who’s Pressuring Whom?

The people the individual spends time with have a major influence on how the individual feels, thinks and behaves. That can be positive or negative, depending on the people. If the individual’s friends or colleagues are supportive of their goals, and have self control, then the individual will be able to maintain their self control and keep up with their healthy habits when challenged. However, quite often the people surrounding the individual can exert a negative influence. This can hold the individual back. So how can the individual deal with peer pressure as an adult?

Saying No

When saying no, the individual should do it quickly and without explanation. If the individual tries to explain to others why they don’t want to drink or get high, that’s merely giving others the opportunity to counter their reasons and pressure the individual into changing their mind. Simply declining makes it harder for others to pick apart all the reasons why.

Be the Designated Driver

The individual can appoint themselves the designated driver, if they are out with people who will pressure them. This provides some purpose too, and makes the individual the voice of reason too. It also takes any temptation away.

Validate Yourself

It is a fact of life that there will always be someone who questions the individual’s choices. What really matters in the end is whether the choices the individual makes reflects their values. The individual should try making a list of all the things that make them feel good about themselves. This is very effective when they are making changes in their life, and such a list can remind of them of why they should stay sober and in recovery.

Taking it Easy

The individual must realize that they don’t have to do anything. If people around them are not letting up with the peer pressure and making a big deal out of the individual’s choices, it’s best for the individual to just take it slow. This doesn’t mean that they can’t hang out with their friends or go out with them, but simply to realize that they control what they do. When the individual wants to leave the party, they can. When they want to leave the bar, they can. It is really all up to them.

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