Look for Natural Highs as Alternatives

Look for Natural Highs as Alternatives

When an individual is in the height of their addiction, their main goal is to stay high all the time. In recovery, the individual is able to restore their body and mind but they may still miss the high. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to get a high, that don’t involve drugs or medication of any kind.


This is the easiest and most common way to achieve a natural high. There are enormous benefits to exercise for an individual in recovery. It is a well known fact that exercising releases endorphins, which are also known as the brain’s feel good chemical. So the individual looks good as well as feels good. Also, it is easy for an individual to create their own personalized exercise regimen, whether it’s simple things like walking, running or hiking, or taking classes like Crossfit or yoga. One can always find a physical activity one enjoys.

Changing One’s Diet

The role of an individual’s diet cannot be overlooked. A well balanced diet is essential for the maintenance of the individual’s physical and psychological health. Including plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein and drinking enough water are basic changes one can make to one’s diet. Intentionally eliminating processed foods and sugars can make the individual feel good all the time.

Communing with Mother Nature

Nature provides perhaps the most powerful natural high. Hiking in a forest trail or standing on top of a mountain can be majestic and breathtaking. Nature is everywhere one goes, and it is easy to spend a few moments taking in it’s beauty. It doesn’t cost anything and is easily accessible.

Be Creative

Engaging in the creative arts can provide a natural high. An individual in recovery may wish to go back to an instrument they used to play before they fell into addiction. Or part of their recovery process could be learning an instrument, or taking dance lessons. Writing in a daily journal can be therapeutic and immersing oneself in creative pursuits can bring up thoughts and feelings that the individual hasn’t explored. And getting creative can be as simple as listening to a playlist of favorite songs or attending a concert or gallery exhibit.

Be Grateful

Gratitude in recovery is one of the most powerful natural highs. It is important to have a positive mindset. The expression of thankfulness and appreciation for being in recovery and for all the good things in the individual’s life can have an uplifting and healing effect.

Stay In The Present

Focusing on the here and now is the secret to getting and staying naturally high. The simple way is to keep one’s mind in the present. Life is always throwing curves, and it is important to stop, pull away from the distractions and take a moment to just be present.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. Individuals in recovery should be encouraged to take the time and explore what makes them happy.

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