Recovery is Cool

Recovery is Cool

What can be defined as ‘cool’ is subjective. However, as a society, there is usually a general consensus about what can be considered cool. Trends and fads come and go, and something that was cool today may not be cool tomorrow. So where does the concept of recovery stand in the changing perception of ‘cool’?

Can recovery be cool? Absolutely. Let’s clarify here though that addiction is not and never will be cool. Of course there are many people who think that doing drugs and excessive drinking is cool, which of course is one of the reasons that addiction is a society wide problem. Addiction is uncool. However, fighting the addiction and coming out of a dark place to take control of one’s own life is definitely very cool.

The Stigma of Recovery

It is an unfortunate fact that being in recovery is considered ‘mainstream cool’. There is a stigma attached to recovery, and while it is slowly dissipating over the years, it still exists. For many people, revealing their pasts or admitting they are in recovery makes them feel judged. So they don’t reveal it. Rather than feeling judged or looked down upon, individuals should truly feel proud of themselves that they have gone through adversity and have overcome obstacles to come as far as they have. Because of that, everyone who is in recovery should be able to see that where they are at present is cool. Whatever their pasts may be, making a positive change is a cool thing to do.

Sober Celebrities

One of the reasons recovery is becoming cool is the impact celebrities have on our society and culture. It is impossible to look through magazines without reading about a sober celebrity. For example, Bradley Cooper hasn’t had an alcoholic drink in years. Demi Lovato has very publicly shared her battles with drug addiction. Rob Lowe has been sober for 23 years. These public figures are changing the sobriety game. Because they are role models and in the limelight, people who may be suffering alone in their addiction can see happy and successful lives in sobriety and believe it’s possible for them too.

Personalizing Addiction and Recovery

There is a growing recovery movement to change the public opinion on addiction and recovery. If one looks closer at the individuals in recovery, one could find a lot of traditionally cool stuff. People in recovery are unique, and they’re often edgy, artistic, and passionate.

Finally, sobriety is being humanized. Recovery is more than just some abstract concept that people hear about, or something that happens to a friend of a friend. Being sober and in recovery is cool, and society is catching up to the concept.

At Blueprints for Recovery we provide personalized support for young adults. Our staff can help resolve addictive behaviors and get you on the path to recovery and healing.


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