Find Sober Activities in Recovery

Find Sober Activities in Recovery

A common excuse from people with addiction is not escaping the miserable thoughts of recovery and sobriety. Being bored is a greater fear than many realize. The idea of a boring life is a myth that can be extinguished quickly. Once people get sober, it is possible to open up to a world of entertaining possibilities.

Risks of Boredom

Boredom can carry some undesirable risk as a possible trigger for relapse. When people are bored, it can be easy to slip into missing ‘the old life.’ Early recovery is especially trying for people working on sobriety and staying clean. The remedy for boredom is to find fun things to do.

Find the Fun

When people first get sober it can feel like navigating new territory. The feeling of being lost can be overwhelming. For a long time addiction, the person may feel the entire identity of who he or she was has gone away. When a person is sober, it is hard to think about what to do now with the new time and life ahead. The following tips can be helpful to find the fun again:

Experiment with activities that are fun

Revisit old passions for creativity and mix new hobbies in

Find different hobbies to take up time

Stay Away from Clubs

When a person with addiction frequents places where the old habits occurred, it may be too strong a pull to get back into hold habits. The best thing is to stay away from the old places and find new avenues of entertainment.

Sober Entertainment

There are endless opportunities to find entertainment in recovery but it may not seem that way to a person who is new to sober living. Even after being in it for awhile, some things may fade away and new ones are waiting to be explored. Try the following ways to enjoy sobriety:

Go to the cinema and watch movies on the big screen

Hit the bowling alley for old school fun but be weary of the bars

Look into yoga, meditation or Tai Chi classes for alternative, healthy options

Alcoholics Anonymous and other groups may sponsor sober dances or fun events

Get outside and find some fun ways to explore the outdoors with others (or solo)

Regular events can be suitable for people in recovery. When people are addicted to drugs or alcohol the options may not be visible but lots of things are happening in the community

Spend time with family and friends

Journaling can be enjoyable and helps people strengthen recovery. Enjoyment may turn into a hobby and even a book (like a memoir) that can be cathartic and shared with others

Blueprints encourages people in recovery to find positive, sober entertainment options both indoors and outdoors. Explore the possibilities in treatment if you are struggling and need help getting on the path to sobriety. We are here to help.


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