Have a Sober Summer with These 10 Activities

Have a Sober Summer with These 10 Activities

Summer seems to be a time when people think about having a drink with barbecues, dinners and socializing. Sober summer is a possibility without drinking as the main focus. It is possible to have fun without alcohol, here’s how.

Summer is More Than Drinking

Finally, summer arrives and so much fun is around the corner. The weather is warm, flowers are in bloom and everyone is excited to get outside and be active. Sunsets, surfing, beaches, whatever the summer plan, most people want to take advantage of nice weather. Many like to drink and socialize during the day and night to make the most of the beautiful weather. “It’s five o’clock somewhere’ seems to be the motto for people who want to embrace this culture. Unspoken pressure to travel can fill weekends with activities but for a person in recovery, this may be intimidating. Summer does not have to be equated with drinking. Try these steps to get started.

Step it up

Regardless of time in recovery, stepping up and into a program requires focus and determination. Connect with others and create a social contract. People like to socialize and have fun and in this environment, everyone is on the same page. Make plans to do something different. Try going camping, rafting or building relationships without alcohol involved. Commit to a service project and read new books to enhance positive learning while focusing on the fun summer brings.

Learn a new skill

A great topic of conversation can involve focus on playing an instrument, doing something creative, trying one’s hand at botany, baking or any number of activities that do not involve drinking. Learn something new, find what is fun and enjoyable to make it stick.

Get vitamin D

One of the best parts of summer is the sunshine. Sunny days seem endless so it helps to soak it up as much as possible. Create positive neural connections to keep sharp and positive. Do not forget how much Vitamin D helps with easing depression and enhances mood.

Get outside

Finding a hobby outside can be inspiring and exciting. Outdoor activities that awaken the senses including heading to the beach, taking a swim, building a sandcastle or surfing. Aside from water, yoga, rollerblading, gardening, sports, stargazing, sailing or sunbathing are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Make a playlist

Certain songs embody the freedom and essence of summer. Music that brings a person back to youth, of feeling footloose and fancy free can be engaging and a gateway to happiness. Put on a favorite song and belt the lyrics. Indicate favorite songs and find the artists and playlists to cultivate the ultimate summer fantasy mix. Let go, listen and let it happen.

Get fit

When it’s hot, the bodies come out in full force. This may inspire others and make some people cringe but feeling inspired to get into shape, whatever that looks like, is always a good thing. Exercise is a great way to get into a positive routine. Find exercise that is enjoyable, meet up with friends and have a blast!

Master a hobby

Find a unique interest or talent and hone that skill. Read, study, engage and find ways to bring satisfaction through the learning processes that does not involve drinking. This can instill a sense of pride and satisfaction that builds confidence over the long term.

Expand social circle

Find new friends and create new ways of enjoying the summer. Letting go of old friends can be challenging but rewarding. Meet new people and find new activities to enjoy.


Have a barbecue, throw a potluck or invite others to come hang out for game night. Create the ambiance that is enjoyable and invite people to share in the fun.

Keep active

Action is a thing done, an action that includes moving a muscle, changing a thought or getting into the process of something that is engaging. Write a vision, take action steps and make it happen.

Blueprints encourages you to find sober fun in the summer. If you are struggling with the change of seasons and sobriety, we are here to help you. Call us to find out how we can support sober summer living that extends long after summer fun ends.


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