Starting Over After Relapse is Possible

Starting Over After Relapse is Possible

A relapse happens when a person is in recovery but it can happen to anyone. The best thing to do is to figure out how to pick back up and start again. Continuing on the same path is not a great option. Learn some tips for how to recover from relapse without fear, guilt or shame.

Take Action

The best way to get up when falling down is to dust off and try again. Some tangible steps can help uncover the key to getting up again after relapse without worrying about it happening again. How to get started:

Accept that it happened

One common challenge for people who relapse is being stubborn, digging heels into the dirt and refusing to accept the facts. It may be easier to blame others for what happened but it is counterproductive to the healing process. Accept mistakes happen and get back out there to try again.

Act immediately

Following relapse, do not wait several days to take action. Prolonged relapse periods happen when a person waits too long to seek support. Update the sponsor on what happened or a close friend and do it as soon as relapse is discovered. Do not try to hide it because the sponsor will not be very surprised. In fact, he or she may have been down that road once or even several times and can offer support and guidance, rather than shame.

Make a decision

A supervised detox program can help a person get on track safely and effectively. Seek medical assessments for the level of dependence and support from a facility that provides help through withdrawal. This can increases chances of successful recovery.

Enlist help from loved ones

Family and friends closest to a person who just relapsed may be most affected by the news but it may not be a huge surprise. Facing family and friends can be difficult but with unconditional love and support, it may be helpful to experience detox and rehab to finally get the help needed to move forward.

Get back on the horse

It may be difficult if recovery was not a smooth process but the tendency to think it’s easier to stay there may leave a person wondering what else is needed to learn. One great piece of advice is to change the outlook of relapse. Move away from thinking about oneself as a failure and instead see recovery for the transformative journey that it is: full of ups and downs. Come back stronger by getting on the horse (or wagon) and trying it again.

Starting over is part of the process. If you or a loved one are ready to seek help following relapse, Blueprints is here to help. Call us to find out how we can help you get back to where you want to be in recovery. (888) 744-9969


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