Throw a College Sober House Party

Throw a College Sober House Party

It might be difficult to believe that college students would be interested in throwing or attending a sober house party. Why would students attend a party without alcohol? But it can be done. Let’s see how.

Buddy Up

No one is going to want to come to a party that is being promoted by just one person. The assumption would be that they don’t have any friends. So first step in throwing a sober house party is to find someone else to help promote it. Not to mention that it makes the planning process more fun.

Picking the Right Place

Location, location, location. The key to a successful house party is to hold it at a venue where people expect a party to be. A fraternity or sorority house or an off campus house would be ideal. But if the individual doesn’t have access to any of these venues, then it’s time to get creative. Coffee shops, local businesses after hours, venues for rent, any of these places will do, and can be reconfigured to throw a great party.

Theme It

Who doesn’t like a good costume party? Having a theme around the bash will be make it more inviting, and definitely make the event stand out.

Food and Music

It’s often said that the only thing remembered about a great event is the food. College students in particular can be enticed by the mention of food. It is possible to get the food sponsored so that the party is not too expensive to throw. Get a friend or attendee to DJ, and make the music loud. Nothing screams party like loud music and lots of food.


Many times people drink at parties because it is something to do. Now that the alcohol part of it has been eliminated, replace it with games. There are board games, video games, card games, the list is endless. Arcade games could even be rented. Find lots of games that four or more people can play and get the competitive spirit going.

Spread the Word

Being a wallflower is no way to promote a party. One may assume that no one wants to come to a sober party, but there are many, many college students who don’t drink or are in recovery who would love to go somewhere without the temptation of alcohol. Make sure everyone knows about the party. Blow it up on social media. Put up flyers. Ask local eateries if they will promote the event. Ask friends to invite others, and even invite random people. The more the merrier.

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