Alcohol Awareness Month – Part 2 – How Alcoholism Afflicts Men

Alcohol Awareness Month – Part 2 – How Alcoholism Afflicts Men

At Blueprints for Recovery, a leading alcohol rehabilitation center in Prescott for young men, we believe everyone has the power to achieve sobriety and overcome alcoholism. In order to help people fight their alcohol addictions, we are honoring Alcohol Awareness Month, a yearly campaign organized by The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD). In a previous blog entry, we discussed Alcohol Awareness Month overall. We now focus more directly on the afflictions caused by alcohol addiction in men.

How Alcohol Use Leads to Men’s Health Problems

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has collected ample data on alcohol addiction and the harm it causes to men. According to their research, men are more prone to becoming addicted to alcohol and binge drinking – consuming more than four drinks in one occasion – than women. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that men are generally more susceptible to peer pressure and reckless thinking while intoxicated, leading them to make grave mistakes, like drunk driving or committing assault.

Key CDC statistics regarding men and alcoholism are:

  • Nearly 60% of men drink at least once a month.
  • About 25% of men binge drink once a week or more often.
  • Women are 50% less likely to binge drink than men.
  • Almost 5% of men are or could be diagnosed with alcohol addiction.
  • Alcoholism has been linked to sexual dysfunction in males.
  • Men are more likely to develop throat and liver cancer due to excess drinking than women.

Alcohol addiction in men is also commonly associated with depression and suicidal tendencies. Men diagnosed with mental health issues are also more likely to commit suicide after binge drinking than women who drink under similar circumstances.

(To view a full fact sheet from the CDC about alcoholism and men’s health, click here.)

Help to Fight Alcoholism is Only a Phone Call Away

As it can be seen with just a cursory review of the CDC statistics, alcoholism is a serious problem for men all across the country. It needs to be stemmed as soon as possible, and Blueprints for Recovery and Alcohol Awareness Month hope to help with that effort.

If you know you are struggling with alcohol addiction, please also know you are in no way alone. The path to recovery becomes less intimidating and far more traversable when you come to Blueprints for Recovery. As our Prescott alcohol rehabilitation center admits men between the ages of 18 and 30, you can more easily find comradery with others in similar situations. You will also discover our residential treatment programs and personalized therapy sessions are more effective at providing needed support since they are geared intentionally towards young men as a specific demographic.

See how we can help you take control of your future again by defeating alcohol addiction today. Call (888) 744-9969 or use a contact formto talk with a caring and professional member of our team.


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