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Methadone is a synthetic opioid often prescribed to help people addicted to heroin, morphine, fentanyl, and other similar prescription drugs. It is meant to be used as a substitute to the other drugs as the user attempts to wean themselves off them. The situation is quite problematic, however, since methadone is also an addictive opiate that can cause the same health and lifestyle problems heroin, morphine, and the rest cause.

If you have found yourself addicted to methadone and want to kick the habit once and for all, Blueprints for Discovery is here to provide treatment, therapy, and moral support you need and deserve. Our Prescott drug rehabilitation center is known throughout Arizona for being genuinely compassionate and capable of creating customized and effective drug rehabilitation programs. We are a young male-only facility, which allows us to focus on the unique needs men often experience during drug addiction, relapses, and recovery.

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Find Confidence with Our 3-Phase Approach

Starting down the path to recovery after developing a dangerous methadone addiction can understandably feel intimidating. Blueprints for Recovery clears away some of the upfront uncertainty by placing a comprehensive, patient-friendly 3-phase plan before you.

Our 3-phase plan will involve:

  1. Residential phase: You will live at our facility while you start to find your footing and self-confidence again. By living as a resident at our Prescott drug rehabilitation center, we can work closely with you, no matter the hour, letting you find much-needed structure in your life and a solid starting point to recovery.
  2. Transitional living phase: At this point in your journey, residential living should not be necessary. Instead, you will spend time at our drug rehab center and time on your own, allowing you to start work or school again. This is meant to help you ease back into regular living as you defeat methadone addiction.
  3. Independent living phase: Congratulations! By phase 3, you will have earned our trust and confidence that you can live independently again without a serious risk of relapse. Your treatments will shift focus onto therapeutic support with family members, personal therapists, and group meetings to discuss progress and aspirations.

We are Here to Support You From Start to Finish

There is never any shame in knowing you have a methadone addiction problem and know it has to be overcome. There is always wisdom in asking for help when you need it. At Blueprints for Recovery, you will find a Prescott drug rehabilitation center that treats every patient with the respect and warmness they deserve. Blueprints for Recovery caters to young men between the ages of 18-30 that suffer from drug use disorder. The young men come to our facility are greeted and treated by highly-trained professionals who believe in the power of humanistic therapy, positive motivation, and similar treatment types because we have faith in you and because we have seen those methods work so many times before.

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